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In a short period, Baldassare Agnelli became an enterprise, which today we can call "leader". At that time, this word was Baldassare Agnelli not used and Baldassare never pronounced it. For him, it was enough to have professional and extremely skilled workers who bent aluminum to the wishes of the market that loved its shining charm.

It worked like this: everything that aluminum could offer was studied, designed and produced by our factory, including "parade helmets" for official events of a faraway age. For much of his resourcefulness, Baldassare became one of the youngest knights of the Realm in the 1930's. A huge product category was created with aluminum by the "Agnelli factory": objects of daily use including pots, hoppers, boilers as well as semi-finished goods, doors and windows and industrial products.

The legacy and Baldassare's large sense of responsibility were passed down to his son Angelo in the 1950's.
Then the new generation arrived and after two more decades, there was another new generation.

All this shows that the success of our group and Agnelli industries in their uniqueness
started from a great family album, where the tale of sacrifices, entrepreneurial vocations
and fulfilled dreams "became" the first learning lesson.
It is a lively and engaging imprint, happy to mirror itself,
even today, in the most evolved metal on the planet: aluminum.